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Dahlquist Speaker Removal

  1. Remove front grille of speaker.
  2. Remove screws of speaker in need of service.
  3. Some speakers may have gasket sealant putty behind the unit. If the speaker does not remove by hand, a flathead screwdriver may be used to lightly pry - by inserting it underneath the frame of the speaker. 
  4. Once the speaker is removed, you will notice two color coded wires. One wire is positive (red dot, X, or plus mark), the other is negative. Unsolder the wires from the terminals. Customers who do not have knowledge of soldering , can snip the wires close to the terminals. When re-installing the speaker, the end of the wire jacket can be stripped approx. a half an inch and twisted together with the respective colored wire, then the wire can be capped with an electrical nut. This is the only decent alternative connection to soldering.
  5. If you decide that you will not solder, please indicate that you would like us to solder - a few inches of wire to the speaker component(s) terminals shipped for service.

The following instructions indicate the correct process to remove, pack and ship your speaker(s) properly. 

Keep in mind that the instructions are general removal & packing, as all speaker components & models are different. Please call or email for your specific model, if needed.

Steps for Service