• M909 / 909i Midrange

The following M909 / 909i component should be sent to our facility for a rebuild:

            Speaker Rebuild Service

DAHLQUIST M909 / 909i

*The replacement tweeter is the same as the original, with the exception of the faceplate which is smoother. The original had grooves & no longer manufactured.

**Replacement woofer with similar quality to the original. The original is no longer manufactured.

  • M909 / 909i Tweeter Fuse AGC .75

  • M909 / 909i  Main Fuse AGC 3
  • M909 / 909i Fuseholders
  • M909 / 909i Tweeter*
  • M909 / 909i Woofer**
  • M909 / 909i Owner's Manual
  • M909 / 909i Replacement Grille Cloth

 As with all high-end loudspeakers, speaker drivers should be purchased or rebuilt in pairs (matched set).

The following M909 / 909i Parts are available at our online store:


DAHLQUIST M909 / 909i


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